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Our society has no shortage of people and companies guiding us around distant lands. Sadly, fewer organizations exist to help us in a far more important task: discovering and navigating a road less traveled - one of our own unconscious mind. We want to do both.

Spiritual, meditation, self-discovery retreats

As the pace of change accelerates, we look for support to stay balanced, find a sense of purpose, and  move forward with confidence. We are all learning to adjust to this fast paced change. The easiest thing to do is get distracted. We get so busy but we're not actually going anywhere. When this happens, we look to get to the source of our restlessness and irritability.

To do that, sometimes we need to get out of the very environment that promotes the stress, and retreat into a calmer environment, where we don’t need to worry about the  'to-do' lists. We go on an adventure, someplace nice. Research has shown us that when people let go and get into a state of play, their conscious mind quiets down, allowing new insights to surface. Retreats provide an ideal environment that supports relaxation, connection, inspiration and change. For this reason, each retreat includes self-discovery workshops, guided tours, immersion into local culture, meditation, yoga, spiritual teachings and more.

Each experience is carefully curated. We design an environment where better alternatives can be imagined vividly; where we can invite our higher self to come forward, along with all of the aspects of ourselves that we may have neglected. Where we connect with our voice. The one that’s making you read this, your inner narrator, your mind’s voice. Most people use it to read and think, but some people use it to keep in contact with themselves. Their true self. We go on a quest to find it or re-connect with it. Are you ready to uncover what you have suppressed?


A dream come true! Made so many great memories and met amazing travel buddies who quickly became friends for life! Take the plunge... you won't regret it! It was the perfect self care vacay I was craving and needing!


For me this was a personal exploration into mediation and a deeper understanding of yoga, as well as experiencing Bali. The #AwakewinBali retreat delivered more than I expected. I personally had an awakening and I truly want to thank Ivana and Spyro from the bottom of my heart.


The Lake Escape yoga retreat was the highlight of my year.  It encouraged myself and others to take in the moment, acknowledge our subconscious thoughts and find a sense of calm in a world full of stress and anxiety. We were able to participate in yoga classes, followed by guided meditations, which challenged us to release the stress from the outside world both physically and mentally. I can honestly say I have never felt so relaxed!



So far, we've been to Ubud and Canggu in Bali, Rice Lake in Ontario, Sacred Valley in Peru, and in the south-west wine country region of France.


Are you interested in planning a retreat, but need some support and guidance? We would love to partner with you and help bring your vision to life.

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