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What does it mean to live a fulfilled, purpose-driven life?

We’ve all heard people talk about other people’s “vibes” - the energy they give out, their mood, and how other people tend to react to them. Have you ever wondered what your vibe is like? The answer to that question depends on how much you really love and value yourself, and how you feel in ALL aspects of life. Is there an area that feels out of alignment, where it perhaps feels as if you are not tapping into your highest potential? Do you often feel like you don’t have enough – career success, respect, belonging, support, or money?

Do you perceive yourself as having value? How do you feel about your self-image and your confidence overall? What about your personal power, your ability to have difficult conversations and stand up for yourself? What do you think you deserve and do you have the confidence to ask for it? Are you authentic, are you being you, or do you look to outside for validation? Are you constantly working and doing and running around, and tired of doing so? Do you speak kind words to yourself, are you of service, do you eat well, sleep well and shine your light?

For example, when you see something of value you tend to spend more money on that experience. But what if that experience is you?

The real work is diving into your trauma and taking responsibility for your actions. In short, it starts with self-awareness. This will help you understand how you have formed beliefs and created stories about your life that continue to attract the same people and situations. Pushing through your limiting mindset is no comfortable task. But it’s worth it if you no longer want to feel like you always have to “push through life”. And that’s what will ultimately affect your energy and lift your vibe.

The big questions of “ who am I” needs to be explored through an understanding of how relationships in our lives and situations in our lives are constantly showing us who we are (mirror). It’s as though the universe is mirroring our existing aspects within our inner self. We need to examine all aspects of life to uncover what in ourselves needs to change, based on what is being mirrored back to us by our life circumstances. Purpose and alignment span more than just our career – it encompasses all aspects of our life, including health, family, relationships, friendships, finances, confidence, self-image, self-value, etc.

When we resist loving ourselves we create and attract careers that bring us less joy, more stress and create more anxiety. This is what out of alignment to your purpose feels like. When your life is not in a state of resistance and is in alignment, every aspect of what you create is designed around purpose, from the clothing you wear, what car you drive, the language you use, the career you choose, the people around you, the opportunities that come your way. All of this is what authenticity is designed around and attracts your desired experiences. This is what luxury of manifesting feels like, a non-resistant state to all aspects of “who am I?”

This is the work that we will be doing in our Spiritual Retreat in France.

You will walk away with a sense of relief, clarity on your purpose and confidence to execute on it. Let go of the fear of other people’s opinions. You have the right to exist and thrive. As vibrational shifts occur and our reality is a mirror, expect rapid changes in your environment and circumstances.



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