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"Drama Queen” Women’s Long Sleeve Bodysuit

"Drama Queen” Women’s Long Sleeve Bodysuit

When you habitually respond to situations in a melodramatic way. It's fine, we all do it.


  • Printed on Women's Long Sleeve Bodysuit | American Apparel RSA8357W

  • 93% cotton, 7% spandex

  • Form-fitting long sleeve cut with a U-neck

  • Pull-on styling

  • Self-fabric binding at neckline and leg openings

  • The Mental Health Awareness Collection

    Part of our Mental Health Awareness collection that focuses on exposing the stigma of mental health and anxiety, and the corresponding labels we give people as a result. The goal is to wear your emotions for all to see, because they are normal, and they make you, you. We truly believe that we cannot heal what we suppress. So we want everyone to accept the 'too much' of ourselves that we have felt shame for in the past. By wearing these labels proudly you are telling the world, I do not reject any part of who I am. 

    50% of proceeds in this collection will go to mental health organizations focused on working with youth across Toronto.

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